RECLAIM – A transformational retreat with Movement Medicine


A transformational retreat combining dance, movement medicine, ritual, energy and emotional work.

A journey of meeting all aspects of yourself and reclaiming your power back.
A cauldron where you can feel, alchemize and find wholeness again.
A journey of love, of courage, of healing, of deep seeing, of vulnerability, of awareness, of forgiveness, of deeper acceptance, of expanding your capacity to be with it all.
In safety, authenticity and freedom.

???? 5-8th October
At Biovilla, near Lisbon, Portugal


Welcome ❤️

???????? Here is an invitation to:

⛰ Find ground.
Rest, Restore, Nourish. Let yourself fall to the ground and be held there.
In a structured and safe enough container for you to find more resilience and support within yourself. To come back to a body that feels safe and at ease. To find safety in feeling.

❤️‍???? To feel.
To growl. To cry. To burst. To soften. To rage. To allow these emotions to feel welcomed and to let them complete the cycle. To let them be seen and simply move through. To discover each one of them as a gateway back to your heart. As aliveness, as energy…awakening your energy body.

???? To reclaim your power.
To meet the places where you know you are distracting yourself, losing your energy, avoiding feeling and looking at something that you are afraid of meeting.
To look underneath, because you are ready AND you want support in doing so. Change is welcomed and honoured.
To reclaim your life energy and come back to an empowered place of awareness and choice. Of inner authority. A place of openness, of natural joy, pleasure and celebration!

????To release.
To let go. To come back to self-love, to softness, to acceptance, to trust, to forgiveness of self and other. To meet the raw truths of your heart and learnt to listen and trust it once again. To be seen and meet one another in wholeness and compassion.

????????‍♀️ To become present.
Current, instead of carrying a backlog of unprocessed undigested stuff.
To come back to a place of peace, of spaciousness, of clarity.
A space where your wings can spread and dreams can sprout.

????️A space of mystery.
Of leaving enough emptiness to be filled by life.
Of trusting and being (in the) unknown.

*This will be a safe and powerful container for transformation. Focused, wild, tender, fun, strong, intentional, loving, compassionate*

I am looking forward to meet you ????????


And now for the practicalities…

???? This will be a residential workshop at Biovilla, in Arrábida, near Lisbon, Portugal. Away from distractions of the outside world, we can nourish ourselves and deepen together in this amazing venue in nature! There is also a natural pool and that we can use????
It is a gift to be able to switch off and offer this time and space to yourself????????


Biovilla, in the middle of Arrabida, near Lisbon, Portugal
Map here:
Closest airport: Lisbon.

????????‍♀️????????‍♂️ WHO IS THIS FOR?
Anyone who has already attended one or more sessions of any conscious dance practice (Movement Medicine, 5 Rhythms, Ecstatic Dance) OR tantra and emotional release work.
In doubt, get in touch!

Minimum participants: 8
Maximum participants: 28

This workshop with be taught in English.

⌛ SCHEDULE (subject to change)

THURSDAY ~ WELCOME in Body and Space

4-5pm Arrival and check-in
5.30-7.30pm Welcome Circle & Awakening the Dancer
7.30-8.30pm Dinner

FRIDAY – RESOURCE in Movement and Energy

9-10am Breakfast
10am-1pm Morning session
1-2pm Lunch
2-3.30pm Free time
3.30-7pm Afternoon session
7.30-8.30pm Dinner
8.30-9.30pm Evening session

SATURDAY – TRANSFORMATIONAL CAULDRON: Journeys of reclaiming Power in Fire&Water

9-10am Breakfast
10am-1pm Morning session
1-2pm Lunch
2-3.30pm Free time
3.30-7pm Afternoon session
7.30-8.30pm Dinner
8.30-9.30pm Fire ritual

SUNDAY ~ COMING HOME: Soft Openings, Deeper Truths and Integration

9-10am Breakfast
10am-1pm Morning Session
1-2pm Lunch
2-3pm Free time
3-6pm: Afternoon session and integration
7pm: Leaving

(Times subject to the flow of the group. Do not plan to arrive late or leave before the end of the training)


‘Shivani’s workshop was next level! I had been introduced to movement medicine through her beautifully held classes and was drawn to dive deeper into this experience during a 3 days weekend. I didn’t really know what to expect but felt very curious and trustful of Shivani as I had witnessed how she can read a group and hold a very special energy together. It was so beautiful to feel within myself the pure medicine of movement and explore parts of myself I rarely acknowledge.
Shivani held a very sacred space where all of us felt safe and welcomed as we were. Her sensitivity to the group allowed for everyone to express all of their shades & colors and I keep this weekend as a very precious memory with me.
Thank you Shivani for sharing this amazing medicine with such presence and loving kindness!’, Naya

‘I had an amazing experience last weekend as I was really able to connect with my soul through the dance. Every session helped me to go deeper within, to peel the layers and to get to a place of pure authenticity, pure love and pure acceptance of my raw self. For the first time I understood why we call it movement medicine. The medicine was real, movement was guiding me into an intimate and powerful journey with my body and my soul’, Nathalie


It is a conscious dance practice/ movement meditation that was developed by Ya’Acov and Susannah Darling Khan, influenced by their many years teaching 5Rhythms, shamanism and psychotherapeutic practices.
Movement Medicine can be healing, transformational, a safely held space and an opportunity to be with yourself, as yourself, with others, in community, enjoying great music.
For more info please check:

????????‍♀️ SHIVANI

Shivani brings presence, warmth, full heart, wilderness and softness, depth and authenticity, freedom and lots of dance! to all her offerings, from group sessions to 1-1 coaching.
Trained in Dance/ Movement Psychotherapy and Movement Medicine in UK, she has been teaching Movement Medicine for the past 8 years in Lisbon and Aljezur, in UK and Bali, and also online.
She loves to dance; her dance and embodied presence is one of her main assets and inspirations to others, as much as her quest for truth, freedom and authenticity in the way she lives her life.
Her approach draws from other conscious dance and embodiment practices, tantra and conscious sexuality, psychotherapy, meditation and satsang. She is an ISTA graduate and is currently assisting Elaine Yong. She is also a Medical Doctor and has studied Photography.

Find out more about Shivani’s work here:
Insta: #movementmedicinewithshivani


Book here:

???? With accommodation in shared rooms (3 nights) + all meals included (vegan/ vegetarian, from thursday dinner to sunday lunch):

5 SUPER Early-bird places until August 31st: 390e
Early-bird places until September 9th: 430e
Regular: 470e

Get in touch if you have any questions and see you soon!


Out 05 - 08 2023


16:00 - 19:00

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