Mama Nourishing & Detox Retreat

6 days to slow down, detox and bond with your child in a mindful

Dear Beautiful Mama
We are felling so blessed to open this journey for you. The retreat
will take place at the Arrábida Natural Park, in sunny Portugal.
At Mama Nourishing & Detox Retreat
We sit together & hold space for one another with practices that
support your well-being.
In the modern world, we often miss the time & space to nurture
ourselves & share deep connections.

Secred Journey & Celebration
We will hold a safe space for you to recharge, detoxify, rebalance,
nourish & reconnect to yourself.

The Journey
6 days accommodation with local plant based food
3 Kambo Ceremonies (optional)
Human Design Readings
Daily Yoga practice & Yoga Nidra
Guided Meditation
Holotropic Breathwork
Mindful silence walks on the beautiful surrounding of
Arrábida Natural Park

Opening and closing ceremonies with sharing circle, bonfire,
cacao, ecstatic dance and musicians
Creative & heart centered Children’s program based on Waldorf

Exclusively for mothers, with or without their young kids, offering
a safe space in which you can relax, recharge and reconnect to

We are 4 facilitators, based on years in the retreats and wellness
world and excellent leaders to guide you and make it worth your

English speaker
German speaker
Portuguese speaker
Spanish speaker

The price includes:
• All meals (nourishing & vegetarian)
• 3 Kambo Ceremonies (optional)
• Holotropic Breathwork
• Human Design Readings
• Daily Yoga & Meditation
• Opening and closing Ceremonies
• Sharing circle, Bonfire and Musicians
• Cacao Ceremony & Ecstatic Dance
• Creative & heart centered Children ́s program based on
Waldorf philosophy
• 6 days all-inclusive

Meet the facilitators, and please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have.


Jul 25 - 30 2023


18:00 - 18:00

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