Intimacy & Pleasure through Touch

Intimacy & Pleasure through Touch
Slowing down to feel more

– You will learn and discover about your body, intimacy & sexuality
– connect with and respect more your own rhythm in intimacy
– discover new pleasures in intimacy
– improve the quality of touch
– improve communication in intimacy
– live a more creative, nurturing and fulfilling sexuality
– become empowered in your sexuality and in life in general
– get to know yourself better

This day workshop is an opportunity to explore slowness and train presence in touch to expand your connection with yourself and deepen bodily pleasure.
All in consent and learning about your own personal boundaries.
You will experience different types of meditative touch, which are an invitation to delve into your bodily sensations and pleasures. You will be able to find out for yourself at what pace and in which parts of your body you would like to do this exploration, with yourself or with a partner. You will learn practical tools to enrich your intimate life.

This workshop is designed for people who already have previous experience in the conscious exploration of their sexuality on a body level. Also it is for persons who are interested in our year training.

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Jan 27 2024


10:00 - 20:00

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